Valuation Fees

Valuation options
Purchase Price or Valuation of the property, whichever is higher Free Standard Valuation* Free Standard Valuation & Home Buyers Report* Free Standard Valuation & Building Survey* Standard Valuation Standard Valuation & Home Buyers Report Standard Valuation & Building Survey
Up to £100,000£0£160.00£362.00£185.00£345.00£547.00
Up to £200,000£0£171.00£410.00£245.00£416.00£655.00
Up to £300,000£0£219.00£473.00£290.00£509.00£763.00
Up to £400,000£0£220.00£478.00£375.00£595.00£853.00
Up to £500,000£0£235.00£505.00£445.00£680.00£950.00
Up to £600,000£0£245.00£563.00£520.00£765.00£1083.00
Up to £700,000£0£266.00£633.00£585.00£851.00£1218.00
Up to £800,000£0£309.00£714.00£631.00£940.00£1345.00
Up to £900,000£0£340.00£800.00£685.00£1025.00£1485.00
Up to £1,000,000£0£370.00£878.00£740.00£1110.00£1618.00
Above £1,000,000On ApplicationOn ApplicationOn ApplicationOn ApplicationOn ApplicationOn Application

Refer to individual product details for further information regarding valuation charges.

* Where a free Standard Valuation is available (up to £740), only the additional amount is payable to upgrade to a Home Buyers Report or Building Survey.

Where a free valuation is available on the product, selected remortgage applications will now benefit from an automated valuation with a maximum LTV of 75%.