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 Product Updates Effective 11/01/19

On Friday 11 January, we will be launching two new 2 year fixed rate purchase deals with £1000 cashback.

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Service Standards - as of 16/01/2019

Application submitted date to offer – 100% of cases (average based on last 30 days)
18.70 working days
Initial review of new applications
24 hours (currently)
Reviewing supporting documentation
24 hours (currently)
Call wait time (based on previous working day)
56 seconds
Valuation instructed new applications
24 hours (currently)

Lending and Security Updates

New income multiples

Following a review of our lending policy we have amended our income multiples.

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Interest only sale of property

We now accept sale of property as a repayment vehicle, with a minimum equity of £150,000 when this is the only repayment vehicle in place.

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Tools and Sales Aids

Affordability Calculator

Use our online Affordability calculator to get an accurate borrowing figure for your client.

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Business Relationship Manager Finder

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