How to Submit Business

In order to help speed up the application process and enable us to process your client's application more efficiently, we have created an in-depth guide - making it easier to do business.

Click here to read our 'How to submit business guide'

For more of a brief overview, and to help you submit your business through to us, follow the steps below:


Take a look at our Lending and Security Guidelines to ensure your client's application meets our criteria requirements


Use our Affordability Calculator to find out how much your client can borrow


Ensure you have completed the registration process. Once you have done so, log into our system. If you need any help registering, logging in or managing your profile, click the link below:

Registering, logging in and managing your profile


Once logged in, you can create an Illustration, process a DIP and then complete a FMA. For detailed information on any of these steps click any of the links below:

Decision in Principle (DIP)
Full Mortgage Application (FMA)

Please note, prior to submission please read our GDPR guide.


After submitting a FMA, you can view the checklist items which we need you to upload in addition to the system generated documents. To see this process in more detail, click on the link below:

Upload documents


Once your case is submitted, you can track your case using Case search