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Important information: When an applicant has non-guaranteed income (and they are not NHS Staff), please ensure that when entering the non-guaranteed income that you select "Non-monthly" (even if it is monthly) from the drop down list on our New business portal and our website affordability calculator. This will ensure that the correct figures are used for affordability.


General Data Protection Regulation: When submitting an application, you will be prompted by a helpful reminder to provide a link to or copy of our Privacy Notice and Third Party Privacy Notice (where applicable) to your client(s), when submitting a Decision in Principle to the West Brom. It is your responsibility to ensure you provide your clients with a copy of the West Brom’s Privacy Notice and the client’s responsibility to share a copy with any absent parties. Click here for full details.

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To submit new business and manage any existing cases submitted through the new portal.

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If you have forgotten your password, you can click here to reset it. Please note, after 3 failed login attempts the system will automatically lock you out and your password will need resetting by our Intermediary Sales and Support team.

If you have not submitted business within 12 months your account will become dormant and you will need to re-register in order to submit new business.

Please note: for applications with two applicants where they have joint commitments, please enter the commitment for applicant one and then for applicant two enter £0. If the commitment for applicant two is left blank, this will cause an error at full mortgage application and cause a delay in submitting the application.


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For administrators to track client’s cases and upload documentation.


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Our old portal is no longer available. To upload any documentation regarding an existing case, please use the case tracking portal. If you require any documentation or information on a completed case please contact our Intermediary Sales and Support Team on 0345 241 3597.