Product switch

Is your client looking for a new mortgage deal with us?

With our product switch service, transferring their existing West Brom mortgage deal is easy. Plus, if your client wants to borrow additional funds or change their mortgage term, we can help with that too.

How to complete a product switch

To help speed up the process and enable us to process your clients request more efficiently, we have created 5 steps to get you on your way.

Before you go through these steps, please ensure that your client is eligible to use this process.  Whilst we would like to make this available to as many West Brom borrowers as possible, there are currently some cases that will not be eligible.  They include:

  • A change to the method of repayment
  • If an Early Repayment Charge applies for any part of their mortgage
  • A combined request for a product switch, additional funds and a term change.

These examples do not mean that we can’t help an existing West Brom borrower from switching to a new product, it just means they will need to contact us to go through our existing borrower process.

Your steps to complete a product switch vary depending on what is to be included.
Please select from the options below:

Our latest retention products

Our retention range is available for clients looking to switch 4 months before the end of their current mortgage deal.

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Useful Information and FAQs

We have provided a summary of our useful information and FAQs relating to your instructions.

Secure email

Our secure email facility allows you to submit your client’s personal data including further advance applications, mortgage review applications and income evidence.

Please note: Emails sent containing files that exceed 15MB will not be received. If you need to send documents that are larger than 15MB, please send the documents to us on separate emails.

To use this service, you will need to be registered. Please click here to send us a registration request. Please do not alter the subject or body of the email, simply click “send” from your email client.

Once registered, sign in to our secure email facility to submit your documents for a further advance or term change.