Product switch


Is your client looking for a new mortgage deal with us? 

With our product switch service, transferring their existing West Brom mortgage deal is easy.

How to complete a product switch

To help speed up the product switch process and enable us to process your client's switch more efficiently, we have created 5 simple steps to get you on your way.

Before you go through the steps, please ensure that your client is eligible to use this process. Whilst we would like to make this available to as many West Brom borrowers as possible, there are currently some cases that will not be eligible. They include: 

• A request for additional funds
• A change to the method of repayment
• A change to the mortgage term
• If an Early Repayment Charge applies for any part of their mortgage

These examples do not mean that we can't help an existing West Brom borrower from switching to a new product. It just means they will need to contact us to go through our existing borrower process.

Your 5 steps to product switch

Step 1: Go to our Illustration request form. 

Step 2: Complete the fields on the ‘Illustration request form’ ensuring you have the applicant(s) personal information (including the mortgage account number and the sort code and last four digits of their bank/building society account number the mortgage is paid from) and property details. When you’ve entered all of the required information, submit your request to us. We will confirm receipt of your request by email.

Step 3: When we have completed our necessary checks, we will email the requested Illustration(s) for you to share with the applicant(s).

Step 4: Once you have your applicant(s) confirmation to proceed with the product switch, complete our Instruction to process switch form. When the form has been completed, tick the ‘Accept offer’ box confirming that you have read our Declaration and have the applicant(s) consent and submit the request to us.

Step 5: There is nothing more for you to do. The product switch will take place on the first of the month following the end of the applicant(s) current deal. We will email you to confirm when the switch has taken place.

Our latest retention products

Our retention range is available for clients looking to switch 4 months before the end of their current mortgage deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we know we can't answer all of your questions, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked.

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